Wellness Within The Walls With Andrew Guido at The LivABLE Design Summit

The LivABLE Design Summit hosted by LivABLE Canada is more than just a 3-day virtual B2B event. It is a platform that features worldwide industry experts with perspectives on the best practices in residential design. This year, the global event took place between Oct. 27th and 29th.

Around The House Podcast With Andrew Guido: Building Homes Centered on Human Health & Well-Being

What happens when you put a building biologist who enjoys baking sourdough bread and two highly reputable home experts on a podcast together? Well… you get a pretty damn good show.

A Healthy Home Shouldn’t be an Upgrade

Erth began with a few intensely personal questions for Andrew Guido. “I wanted to understand why my daughter had asthma, why a close friend of mine passed away from lung cancer but never smoked, and why people I knew were getting ill more often than others,“ he wrote.

ERTH: The House of Wellness

Ergodomus is an Italian engineering firm with international cachet. Their newsletter goes out to major architects and developers around the world as they are a globally recognized leader in timber design and construction.

ERTH Featured in first episode of Mike Holmes’ new podcast

Andrew Guido, the founder and Principal of ERTH, is the first guest on Mike Holmes’ new podcast. Inspired by the success of 20 years in television across 72 countries, the Holmes on Homes podcast features in-depth conversations with homebuilding industry experts intended to educate new home-owners, builders and contractors on how to “make it right.“


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