Around The House Podcast With Andrew Guido: Building Homes Centered on Human Health & Well-Being

Published: • Written by: Erth

What happens when you put a building biologist who enjoys baking sourdough bread and two highly reputable home experts on a podcast together? Well… you get a pretty damn good show.

Principal of ERTH Homes, Andrew Guido, spoke with Eric Goranson, a certified kitchen and bath designer, and Caroline Blazovsky, America’s healthy homes expert, on their podcast Around The House.

This informative and humorous episode touches on home building standards, indoor air quality, and the various impacts on our health. It also touches on lighting and how it affects our sleeping habits. As a bonus, Andrew shares some of his secrets behind his famous home-made bread.

Sit back and listen as we take you on a healthy home journey.

Link to Around The House Episode 1217: We Talk With Andrew Guido, From ERTH Homes: Building Homes Centred on Human Health and Well-Being.

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