Introducing a framework for building human and planetary well-being.

The Erth 20 approach addresses the key elements that bring the vision of happiness and well-being in the built environment to life. It is only at the intersection of health, building and environmental sciences that we can create a healthier indoor environment with minimal impact on the planet. We have organized these key elements under four quadrants – Health, Wellness, Building and Planet.


Our homes should be sanctuaries, located in vibrant communities void of man-made or natural hazards, designed and built with healthy materials that nurture our body and stimulate our mind.


Construct high-performance homes that are beautifully designed, leverage Mother Nature’s passive energy sources, built with non-toxic materials and resilient to increasingly severe weather conditions.


Make a positive impact on Climate Change by being energy efficient, reducing carbon footprint, using regenerative materials that can be reused or repurposed.

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