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A post-pandemic new home builder.

We are designers and builders of healthy, high performance, sustainable and regenerative homes. Our primary focus is on human health and well-being. We believe that a truly holistic solution for building a better home is found at the intersection of health, building, and environmental science. It is this interdisciplinary approach that is the foundation upon which Erth was created.

Cleaning Indoor Air

Before COVID-19, having clean indoor air was important but it is now recognized as critical to our health; and potentially our very survival. In seeking increased energy efficiency, we have made our homes increasingly airtight, unintentionally making the indoor air quality significantly poorer.

The result is shocking…

“Studies found levels of about a dozen common hazardous organic pollutants to be 2 to 5 times higher inside homes than outside.”

“Indoor concentrations of some pollutants have increased in recent decades due to such factors as energy-efficient building construction… and increased use of synthetic building materials, furnishings, personal care products, pesticides, and household cleaners.”

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Scientific Evidence showing rise in illnesses

There is an abundance of scientific evidence showing the dramatic rise in many illnesses and diseases such as asthma, allergies, autism, emotional and reproductive disorders, are directly connected to the environment in which we live in. This has gone largely undetected because the effects of the poor quality of our indoor living environment happen gradually. We don’t get sick right away, we get a little sicker with each passing day.

We have unfortunately created an indoor environment that has proven to have a profound negative impact on our bodies, minds and the planet outdoors. We can do better than this and are leading a revolution to improve the quality of our living environment.

Years of intensive research

After three years of intensive research, and consultation with leading experts, we are designing and building the next generation of housing.

An Erth home will provide significantly improved indoor air quality, cleaner drinking water, abundant daylight, enhanced acoustics and reconnection with nature.

We reduce our impact on Climate Change by leveraging passive energy sources, by leveraging passive energy sources, using resilient building materials and by reducing carbon emissions.

Follow us on our journey as we develop new ways to build healthier and safer homes to live in.

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