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We have taken a unique approach to accelerate our learning and development of the Erth Homes concept, from the drawing board to construction and then to market. Building upon decades of business and real estate experience, we embarked upon intensive research in the building, health and environmental sciences.

We are simultaneously developing several Erth Homes models and will be sharing updates as we get closer to releasing these over the coming months. One of our premiere models will be Erth Wellness based on Erth’s holistic approach, from the ground up, to create the healthiest indoor living environment possible with minimal negative impact on the planet.


Erth Wellness is being designed to cater to the premium market, allowing us to deliver innovation as part of a comprehensive solution. We have acquired a property in Toronto’s downtown core for this purpose and are in the final phase of design. Construction will commence this year with completion planned by early 2022. We will be sharing our progress through this website and social media. An announcement is pending.

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Erth Homes