Wellness Within The Walls With Andrew Guido at The LivABLE Design Summit

Published: • Written by: Erth

The LivABLE Design Summit hosted by LivABLE Canada is more than just a 3-day virtual B2B event. It is a platform that features worldwide industry experts with perspectives on the best practices in residential design. This year, the global event took place between Oct. 27th and 29th.

Erth Homes’ very own Andrew Guido had the privilege of speaking at this event on “Wellness Within the Walls.” His presentation began with a shocking example of the toxins trapped inside our homes and polluting our air. Using a plastic bag, he demonstrated the damage it can do to our health and our planet. The solution? Andrew ties in 3 key themes: building biology, radon, and indoor air quality, leveraging insights from industry leaders Larry Gust, David Innes, and Caroline Blazovsky.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to the organizers, especially Linda Kafka, for bringing together such a valuable discussion with such a rich cast of speakers. Watch the full presentation and let us educate ourselves more on building with nature on our side!

Caroline Blazovsky – My Healthy Home: My Healthy Home ®-OFFICIAL SITE- healthy home national services, home mold testing, water testing, home allergy test kits, test homes for toxins, green cleaning products and dehumidifiers (healthyhomeexpert.com)

David Innis - Radon Environmental Management Corp: Radon Environmental (radoncorp.com)

Larry Gust – Gust Environmental: Gust Environmental | Environmental Consultant, Home Health, Building Biology

Linda Kafka - Business Development Manager at Living In Place Network, https://www.linkedin.com/in/linda-kafka-024b6617b/

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