A Healthy Home Shouldn’t be an Upgrade

Published: • Written by: Erth

Photo Courtesy of Livable Canada

Erth president Andrew Guido to speak at Livable environmental conference

Erth began with a few intensely personal questions for Andrew Guido. “I wanted to understand why my daughter had asthma, why a close friend of mine passed away from lung cancer but never smoked, and why people I knew were getting ill more often than others,“ he wrote.

"My journey led me to discover there was a science that focused on how the built environment and nature impact our health and wellbeing."

So, after a 30-year business career, Guido became one of about 1,000 certified building biologists in North America. That led to the founding of Erth.

On Thursday April 29, Guido will speak at LIVable during the 9am time slot, discussing key environmental factors in our homes that affect our health. “My goal is to turn that awareness into actions that can create healthier living spaces,” he wrote in his speaker profile.

Visit Livable Canada for more information on the event, including the agenda, and instructions for how to watch live.

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