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Photo Courtesy of Ergodomus

Erth president Andrew Guido’s full interview with Ergodomus

Ergodomus is an Italian engineering firm with international cachet. Their newsletter goes out to major architects and developers around the world as they are a globally recognized leader in timber design and construction.

Recently, ERTH president Andrew Guido sat for an interview with the firm to discuss how the pandemic has increased awareness of better home building practices aimed at enhancing human health and wellbeing. In the interview, he discussed three types of interventions:

  • No-cost, simple practices that homeowners can do themselves, no drilling, sawing or power tools.
  • Small cost, minimal interventions such as installing air and water filters or health-conscious lighting.
  • Major renovation or new build, which are recommendations for more extensive design decisions and material selections for homeowners who are renovating or building.

Guido also teased some details of the planned Erth home pilot in Toronto, what he called a “living lab” where ERTH will be developing, testing and improving new ideas.

Visit Ergodomus to read the full interview.

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